#INCLUSIVE: digital product design challenge

INCLUSIVE: Digital Product Design Challenge is an interdisciplinary collaboration between FIT’s Creative Technology & Design (CT&D), Advertising & Digital Design (A&DD), Fashion Business Management (FBM), Advertising & Marketing Communications (AMC), and Adobe’s XD product team.

Through a series of hands-on workshops led by faculty, professionals, and experts from Adobe XD team, students learn the creative process of inclusive design, product design principles, rapid prototyping, and earn a Certificate of Completion after the completion of this 7-day Design Challenge.

*You must be a FIT student in good academic standing to participate.
**21 students will be selected by Adobe XD Team for this competition.

The Challenge:
To create an innovative digital product concept that will help make FIT a more inclusive community. This challenge is a part of a FIT Diversity Council Grant Project, #IMPACT: Creativity for Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Project Kick Off/Team Forming: Thursday, 02/14, 12 PM to 2 PM
Field Research (flexible schedule so it won’t interfere with your class): Friday, 02/15
Ideation Workshop (lunch will be provided): Saturday, 02/16
Design Workshop #1 (lunch will be provided): Sunday, 02/17
Design Workshop #2 (President’s Day, lunch will be provided): Monday, 02/18
Presentation and Award Ceremony: Tuesday, 02/19, 12 PM to 2 PM
Exhibition (open to public): Wednesday, 02/20

To Apply, click here to fill out the online application form

This event is made possible in part by the generous support from FIT Diversity Council Grant and Adobe,