About CT&D

This blog is a reflective teaching portfolio for Prof. Christie Shin and Prof. C.J. Yeh. Please visit the CT&D page on FIT school website for official information in regards to the Creative Technology & Design subject area:

From the official CT&D webpage:
The Creative Technology & Design’s mission is to elevate students’ understanding of advanced digital design concepts as well as their command of cutting-edge technologies. CT&D provides a flexible curriculum and an empowering transdisciplinary learning environment. You’ll learn how to combine technology insights with design principles to solve functional problems with design innovations. You will design digital content, products, platforms, experiences, and other solutions that leverage technology to improve people’s lives. 

CT&D offers seventeen specialized CT courses to six majors as well as college-wide elective courses. CT&D’s academic offerings include a core subject area in the Advertising and Digital Design BFA program, a certificate program in User Experience Design, a Digital Product Design Summer program in Italy, and a minor in Creative Technology

As a creative community, CT&D’s faculty and students strive to produce transformative work that fosters positive social changes. We believe designers are innovators, activists, and visionaries, and we live not only by our commitment to our clients but also by our commitment to our community and the society.


Prof. C.J. Yeh, Faculty & Curriculum Chair

Prof. Christie Shin, Faculty & Coordinator


    • Classes are taught by award-winning designers who are actively shaping the future of digital design.
    • Our industry-inspired curriculum prepares students for some of the most exciting creative careers such as user experience (UX) design, content design, product design, immersive experience design, and app design.
    • CT&D advisory board members including high-level executives from different sectors of the creative technology industry including Samsung, Condé Nast, Havas, and Anomaly.
    • Design projects from our classes have won some of the most prestigious awards including Type Directors Club Awards, Red Dots Awards, and Adobe Design Awards.