The NFLxFIT Visual System Design Contest provided a unique and exciting educational opportunity for students enrolled in the CT&D’s Creative Technology minor program. Through a guided experiential learning (GEL) process, student participants learned from top industry professionals, including FIT faculty members from the School of Art and Design and brand management experts from the NFL. These students were then tasked with reimagining the NFL’s 32 professional clubs by designing fresh graphic elements and treatments that distinctly represented each club. Ultimately, the contest challenged them to create a new visual system for NFL merchandise while appealing to fans between the ages of 18 and 24. It resulted in the execution of 6 different designs by 6 student teams, only one of which was awarded the winner. This winning design has been reproduced on NFL merchandise which are being sold at retailers around the world. All designs were also showcased at the Museum at FIT and The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD).

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