FIT x Pentagram

FITxPentagram was a paid guided experiential learning workshop. Its objective was to envision the future of FIT’s brand by experimenting with a branding guide pre-determined by NYC’s renowned design consultancy, Pentagram. The guide included a logo, color palette, and typeface. The participating students’ efforts culminated in the production of short, professional quality motion graphics videos that adhered to an overarching concept of “un” words. A launch of this rebranded content is underway; the videos have since been featured on FIT’s website and social media channels.

Concept 1:
Sharing Unconformity: Capturing the Attention of Gen Z

Quick, quirky, and shareable stop motion GIFs are the focus of “Sharing Unconformity”. Each video highlights the spirit of FIT by presenting “un” words in unconventional ways. The animations will be featured on the college’s Instagram along with other GIFs created by followers tagged with #unconventionalminds. Alumni and current students will also be interviewed as part of the campaign to boost school spirit.

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Concept 2: 
Unleashed Imagination: Attracting Industry Professionals

The sophisticated yet playful animations of “Unleashed Imagination” demonstrate that a beautiful visual system need not be complex. With imagination, even a simple circle can render limitless possibilities. This concept both entices industry professionals and reflects FIT’s dynamic community. Each animation embodies this idea by focusing on an “un” word and representing it via circular visuals.

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Concept 3:
Unstoppable NYC: Gaining the Trust of Prospective FIT Students

“Unstoppable NYC” targets the parents of prospective and non-traditional students that are unfamiliar with FIT. The video displays FIT’s network, collaborative opportunities, and entrepreneurship through a seamless animation, all while incorporating New York City’s culture and lifestyle. It effectively showcases the possibilities for students in one the most esteemed cities, as well as the practicality of attending the college.