FIT x Infor

Infor is a multi-national, privately held, United States-based enterprise software company. Headquartered in New York City, Infor focuses on business applications for organizations delivered via cloud computing as a service. The FITxInfor Summer 2017 Internship Program explored engaging and effective ways to elevate Infor software learning experiences for 3 distinct target audience groups: recent graduates, young professionals, and industry executives. There were no predefined formats to what the final outcomes should be; the only requirement was that all training materials must be prepared as an educational digital product to be delivered through Infor’s online platform. Through a guided experiential learning process, all participating students expanded on this assignment to craft unique solutions that were presented at Infor’s offices upon completion of the internship’s 8 weeks. This pilot program solidified FIT’s relationship with Infor and served as a catalyst for future collaborations.

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Concept 1: FLEX
A Responsive App for Millennials

FLEX is an Infor M3 Fashion training program specifically designed for young millennials who are comfortable with digital technology but lack professional experience. Students can learn by taking short quizzes at any time (even during their commutes) and earn certification of the learning module. Industry overviews are built into the lesson materials as learning about the fashion industry as a whole is equally important as learning how to operate the software program.


Concept 2: Syndicate
Blended Learning Designed for Young Professionals

Syndicate is a streamlined online learning platform with downloadable educational content that prepares students for their in-person classes. While in class, students are encouraged to work in teams and lead workshops in order to solidify their knowledge and that of their peers. For ambitious young professionals looking to advance their career in fashion, this blended classroom combining online and face-to-face learning is the most effective way to gain proficiency in Infor M3 software.


Concept 3: The M3 Mastery Program
AI Assisted Learning for Executives

Traditionally, curriculum design has never been the arena for advanced or cutting-edge technology. Team Untitled believes it should be, especially for a company such as Infor which is known for providing creative solutions to solve complex problems. The core concept of the M3 Mastery Program focuses on using AI to facilitate learning for business executives who regularly juggle between important tasks.