CD225 101

Introduction to Digital Layout Design

Date & Time: Wednesday 12:10 pm – 3:00 pm
Classroom: Marvin Feldman Center, Room C511
Semester: Fall 2019
Professor: Christie Shin
Company website: Cynda Media Lab
Office at FIT: D317
Office Hours: Monday 2 to 3, Wednesday 11 to 12 and 3 to 4, Thursday 5 to 6

Course Description
This course is an introduction to layout design using InDesign. The primary goal is for students to learn the fundamental principles of layout design. The lecture starts with significant features and functions related to typography and editorial design in InDesign. It continues with the understanding of different kinds of textual content, a hierarchy in content, page elements, consistency, and grid systems. This class also covers working with imagery, alternate layouts, and proper project planning for various intents.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. understand the principles and process of layout design
2. understand typography principles for content-heavy layout design
3. demonstrate an intermediate level of proficiency in digital layout programs
4. apply fundamental visual design and typography principles to create a layout design
5. analyze and evaluate digital layout design elements such as typography, grid, image integration, hierarchy, and so forth
6. develop design concepts and create digital layout designs

Project(s) & evaluation
Project 1: Glossary (10%)
Project 2: A Recipe: Print version (20%)
Project 3: A City Guide (40%: major project)
Project 4: Digital Layout (10%)

– 80% project(s)
– 20% Class participation, attendance, and professionalism

Topics: Grid system, page layout, typography, a hierarchy of content, text formatting and styles, design intent (screen-based vs. print-based).
Week 1-6  (6 lectures / 12 studio hours)
Topics: Editorial design elements, content comprehension, visual hierarchy, and communication, grid system, typography, working with text and imagery, working with master pages.
Week 7-13 (7 lectures / 14 studio hours)
Topics: Alternative layout, screen-based digital layout.
Week 14-15 (2 lectures / 4 studio hours)

Weekly Outline

Week 1: 8/28/2019 WED | P1 W1
1. Introduction of class, syllabus, projects, google drive
Introduction to project 1: Glossary
2. Lecture
– Layout Design
– Creative Process
– Font management utility(Font Book)
– FIT Type library, Typekit, and Google fonts
– InDesign as a layout program and object-based program
– InDesign workspace, tools, and panels
– A document set up (single/multi-pages, spread)
– Managing pages
– Placing contents on pages
3. In-class workshop
– Research deck (ex1) – file dimension: 1920 x1080 pixel
4. Next week
– Research deck: 5 type pairings & layout sketches (grid system): upload on google drive by tomorrow (PDF)
– Project 1: 1st draft in InDesign

—— Labor Day: College closed (9/2/2019) ——

Week 2: 9/4/2019 WED  | P1 W2
1. Lecture
– Grid system
– Columns and rows
– Text formatting and create styles I
– Apply and edit styles
– Package InDesign file

2. In-class workshop
– Single page: Beekeeping (ex2)
– Project 1 progress review

3. Next week
– Project 1: 2nd draft (grid system & paragraph styles)

Week 3: 9/11/2019 WED | P1 W3
1. In-class workshop
– Package & print
– Project 1 progress review (grid system & paragraph styles)

Week 4: 9/18/2019 WED | P2 W1

1. Lecture
– Introduction to project 2: Three recipes

2. Next week
– Design direction presentation deck: The presentation deck includes a mood board (inspirational visuals), type pairings, and layout sketches (upload by September 24)
– Project 2: Three recipes in a google doc. (upload by September 24)

– First draft in InDesign (only one recipe)

Week 5: 9/25/2019 WED | P2 W2
1. Lecture
– Page elements
– Managing multiple pages

2. In-class workshop
– Paper prototype
– Project 2 progress review

3. Next week
– Project 2: 2nd draft in InDesign

—— Sep 30: Rosh Hashanah – Class suspend at 4 pm ——

—— Oct 1: Rosh Hashanah – College closed ——

Week 6: 10/2/2019 WED | P2 W3
1. Lecture
– Working with images
– Text Wrap
– Color swatches
– Master page elements
– Saddle stitch binding introduction

2. In-class workshop
– Multi-page w/images: Positive Mindset (ex2)
– Project 2 progress review

3. Next week
– Project 2: 3rd revision with the cover

—— Oct 8: Yom Kippur – classes suspend at 4 pm ——

—— Oct 9: Yom Kippur – College closed ——

Week 7: 10/16/2019 WED  | P2 W4
1. Lecture
– Saddle stitch binding

2. In-class workshop
– Project 2 progress final review

Week 8: 10/23/2019 WED  | P3 W1

1. Lecture
– Introduction to project 3: A city guide

2. Next week
– Design direction presentation deck: The presentation deck includes a mood board (inspirational visuals), type pairings, and layout sketches (upload by October 29)
– First draft in InDesign

Week 9: 10/30/2019 WED  | P3 W2
1. Lecture
Typographical components
Design principle: hierarchy

2. In-class workshop
Project 3 progress review

3. Next week
Focus on the following section; Overview, Neighborhood Walk

Week 10: 11/6/2019 WED  | P3 W3
1. Lecture
Typography: indent
Typography: alignment (vertical, horizontal, combining alignment)
Typography: space

2. In-class workshop
Project 3 progress review

3. Next week
Focus on the following section; Overview, Neighborhood Walk

Week 11: 11/13/2019 WED  | P3 W4
1. In-class workshop
Project 3 progress review

2. Next week
Focus on the following section; In-Depth, Distinctively New York, Best of

Week 12: 11/20/2019 WED  | P3 W5
1. In-class workshop
Project 3 progress review

Week 13: 11/27/2019 WED  | P4 W1

1. Lecture
Introduction to Project 4: Digital layout-Behance portfolio page

—— Nov 28 – Dec 1: Thanksgiving Recess – College closed ——

Week 14: 12/4/2019 WED  | P4 W2
1. In-class workshop
Project 4 progress review

Week 15: 12/11/2019 WED 
Redo project(s) due.

Keep and backup all the projects that you have done throughout the semester! You must submit all your projects for the final grade no later than the last day of class (Week 15)

Department Attendance Policy
Attendance is not optional. If you are going to miss a class, you must contact me via email ASAP. Due to the quantity of material covered in the course, I will not be able to spend class time explaining missed assignments or redo lectures. If a class is missed, it is your responsibility to get information regarding missed assignments and lectures from one of your classmates. Two tardy marks equal one absence, and three absences may result in failure of the class.
1. Students are required to attend all classes, be on time, and remain for the entire class.
2. Students who are absent for 3 classes will receive a grade of “F.”
3. A student who arrives 10 minutes after the start of the class will be considered late
4. 2 late occurrences = one absence
5. A student who arrives over 30 minutes late or not returning from the break will be considered absent from the class
6. An excused absence is still considered an absence

Communication Design Pathways Department Policy on Plagiarism.
Within the Communication Design Pathways Department, plagiarism and other forms of academic deception are unacceptable. Each instance of plagiarism is distinct. A plagiarism violation is an automatic justification for an “F” on that assignment and/or an “F” for the course. A student found in violation of FIT’s Code of Conduct and deemed to receive an “F” for a course may not withdraw from the course prior to final grade assignments.
FIT Student Code of Conduct