UX Design Certificate-old

Instructor: C. J. Yeh, Christie Shin, Robbie Frank, Katie Jordan
Program Webpage: FIT User Experience Design Certificate Program
Email: chinjuz_yeh@fitnyc.edu
Office at FIT: D317

Course Description

FIT’s User Experience Design Certificate Program is tailored for creative professionals such as graphic designers and web designers who are looking to advance their career in the exciting field of UX design. Our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded education in UX design that will foster career growth.

Weekly Outline

Weekly outline is subject to change based on the pedagogical needs.

Tue: 10/29 (s1)

  • Program Introduction
  • Design Thinking Exercise: Wallet Project (Yeh, Shin)
  • Project: User Experience Redefined
    – User experience and usability review
    – Competitor analysis
    – Research and empathy interviews
    – User research (persona(s), affinity map, empathy map, journey map…etc.)
    – Insight Statements
    – POV and Hypothesis
    – Value proposition and MVP proposal
    – Low-fidelity prototype
    – Usability testing
    – High-fidelity prototype
    – Final presentation
  • Discussion: The ABC of UX, UI, IxD, and Usability (Yeh)
  • Due next class: select one app from the provided list and review its user experience and usability: Content-Centric App (Pandora, any museum/gallery app…etc.); Transit App (MyMTA, NJ Transit…etc.); Local-Search / Travel App (Yelp, TripAdvisor…etc.)

Thur: 10/31 (s2)

  • Discussion: User experience and Usability review (Yeh)
  • In-class Activity: Research Team Forming (students who picked apps in the same category will do research as a team, but, after synthesizing the research findings, students can choice to create their own design or stay as a team and work on it as a team.)
  • Lecture: Heuristic Evaluation (Yeh, Frank)
  • Homework: Heuristic Evaluation & Competitor Analysis, Part I
    – synthesizing Heuristic Evaluation
    – Identify 3 to 5 competitors
    – Be prepare to share some key research findings as a team next week. (7-10 minutes)

Tue: 11/05 (s3)

  • Group Discussion: Research Findings (each team will prepare a short presentation to share 3 to 5 most important UX design flaws and main competitors) (Yeh, Shin)
  • Lecture: Research and Competitor Analysis Part I (Yeh)
  • Homework:
    – Complete competitor Analysis

Thur: 11/07 (s4)

  • Lecture: Research Methodology Part II (Frank)
  • Example: How Research Informed Decisions (Frank)
  • Group Discussion
  • Lecture/Discussion: Target Segmentation (Yeh)
  • Lecture/Discussion: Empathy Interview Techniques (Yeh)
  • Workshop: Empathy Interview Preparation (Yeh, Frank)
  • Homework: Each student will do at least three empathy interviews and bring result to next class

Tue: 11/12 (s5)

  • Lecture / In-Class Exercise: Capture Finding / Affinity Map (Shin)
  • Lecture: Proto-Persona (Shin)
  • In-Class Exercise: Affinity Map, and Proto-Persona(s) Development (Shin, Yeh)

Thur: 11/14 (s6)

  • Lecture: Empathy Map, other User Research Techniques and Processes (Frank)
  • Lecture/Discussion: Empathy Map and Journey Map (Yeh)
  • In-Class Exercise / Homework: Empathy Map, Journey Map, and Develop Persona(s)

Tue: 11/19 (s7)

  • Discussion: Empathy Map, Journey Map, and Persona (Yeh, Shin)
  • Lecture: Insight Statement (Yeh)
  • Lecture/Discussion: Value Proposition and MVP Features (Yeh)
  • Lecture/Discussion: Information Architecture (Shin)
  • Lecture: Scenario and Task Flow (Shin)
  • In-Class Exercise / Homework: Draft Insight Statement, MVP features Worksheet, Scenario, and Task Flow (Shin, Yeh)

Thur: 11/21 (s8)

  • Lecture/Discussion: Sketches, Wireframes, and Prototypes (Yeh)
  • In-class Exercise/Assignment: Each team will develop sitemap/AppMap; review scenario, task flow, and start sketches. (Yeh)

Mon: 11/25 (s9)

  • Review: Sitemap/AppMap, Senerios, Task Flows, and Sketches (Yeh)
  • In-class Exercise: Each team will review and refine Sitemap/AppMap and sketches (Yeh)
  • Homework: Complete low-fidelity prototype (sketches) for at least one task flow.

Tue: 11/26 (10)

  • Lecture/Discussion: Usability Testing Methodologies and Techniques (Yeh, Jordan, Shin)
  • Demo: How to Conduct Usability Testing (Jordan)
  • In-class Exercise: Usability testing and record findings ( Jordan)
  • Homework: Usability testings and low-fidelity wireframes refinement/development

Thursday 11/28, No Class, Thanksgiving Break.

Tue: 12/03 (s11)

  • Demo: Digital Design Tools (Frank)
  • In-class Exercise: Create high-fidelity wireframes and wireflow (Yeh, Frank)
  • Homework: High-fidelity wireframes and wireflow

Thur: 12/05 (12)

  • Lecture/Discussion: User Interface Design Principles and Best Practices (Yeh)
  • In-class Workshop and Critic: high-fidelity wireframes and wireflows (Yeh)
  • Homework: high-fidelity wireframes and wireflows

Tue: 12/10 (s13)

  • Lecture/Discussion: Micro Interaction (Yeh)
  • In-class Workshop: UI Design and Create click through prototype (Yeh, Shin)

Thur: 12/12 (14)

  • UX Design Portfolio and Interview Tips (Yeh, Frank)
  • In-class Workshop: prepare for final presentation (Yeh, Frank)

Tue: 12/17 (15)

  • In-class Workshop: prepare for final presentation (Yeh, Shin)

Thur: 12/19 (16)

  • Final Presentation (Yeh, Jordan, Shin)

Attendance and Grading:
– This program grading is a pass-fail system
– Attendance and participation report are important factors in determining the completion of this certificate program
– Coming to class 15 minutes after starting time will be considered late
– Two lateness equals one absence
– Three absences will result in an incomplete